Monday, February 14, 2011

(Valentines Day and) Chocolates... a mental exercise, Part 1.

This being Valentine's Day, our thoughts turn to overpriced flowers, cards dripping with syrupy bon mots, and of course, the food of the Aztec gods, Theobroma cacao, more commonly known as chocolate. This blog entry, in several parts, will discuss the potential viability of Cacao as a major cash crop in my home island of Negros in the  Philippines. The economic and environmental implications in cacao as a crop are worth delving into.
All my thoughts and "ideas" on this possibility are derived from readings on the subject with my sources ranging from wikipedia, The Globe and Mail, Carol Off's amazing book: Bitter Chocolate websites for The Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines, and The World Cocoa Foundation, to mention a few. I have combined these readings with what I know of my home island, its people, its economy, and its geography. 
I am neither an agriculturist nor a social scientist. I could be wrong and I may be right. These entries are meant as a catalyst for a conversation to take place. 
Comments and critiques are most welcome!
Stay tuned, or should I say, logged on.

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