Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 Federal Election Results: A Prediction

Going with my intuitive gut feeling, with an insight gleaned from reading the papers and bloggers, here are  my predictions, which goes against the polls as they stand today.
Voter turnout will be much higher than expected, approaching a  record high ,  in  large part due to high voter turnout in the 18-25 age category.  The Liberals will win the most number of seats but will still be a minority government. Liberals will gain more seats in Quebec (at the expense of the Bloc). Indicative of the Conservative decline is a Green Party win in Saanich-Gulf Islands by Elizabeth May.
The issue of ethics and trustworthiness will be pivotal in encouraging people who otherwise would not have voted, to come out and vote, to the detriment of Stephen Harper, who will be seen as the worst of two evils, i.e., not as trustworthy as Michael Ignatieff.
After all, Canadians are not apathetic; once fired up by the an issue (trust), watch out! This also illustrates that polling is an inexact science and that Yogi Berra's most famous truism, "it ain't over til its over", once again holds true, for a grateful Ignatieff.
You heard it here first!

Just saying.