Monday, April 11, 2011

Video of Elizabeth May at the University of Guelph, April 10, 2011

As promised in my previous blog entry, here's the video of (Green Party Leader) Elizabeth May on her campaign stop in Guelph. Regardless of your political persuasion and/or ideological bent, Elizabeth's message is something that has to be listened to. She espouses a "what's-not-to-like" platform, and she speaks from the  heart, with unadulterated altruistic intentions!
If you value our uniquely Canadian democratic tradition, regardless as to whether you have already made up your mind as to whom to vote, and especially if the current status quo has turned you off the political conversation, this video is a must-watch!
(And if you're not Canadian, you should be jealous of our Canadian electoral system that allows almost everyone to run for office... and not just the millionaires beholden to special interest groups!)

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