Friday, October 7, 2011

Electricity and its apps, Facebook, deer with guns.

(I thought the blog entry title would peak your curiosity)
I attended (photographed) a conference yesterday on Marketing in the Digital World and I learned (or confirmed, with facts and statistics, things which were intuitively logical to me) a thing or two.
I learned, by way of comparison, that electricity was a tool that didn't "take off" immediately; most people didn't know what to do with until its first apps were invented: incandescent bulb, oven, toaster.
We've always had newfangled tools at our disposal; they don't become popular until human behaviour is altered in favour of using those tools.
Facebook is replaceable; as a social medium, it has outlived others such as GeoCities, MySpace. It's longevity has to do with the emotional cost of moving to another media. Whereas moving to another email service merely involves informing everyone on your contact list of your new email address, moving from Facebook involves, potentially, breaking off "friendships".
In today's digital market, where supermarket customers can scan QR codes on the spot for price/quality comparisons, the customer has become the "deer with guns in the woods".
Just some of many that I learned yesterday.

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