Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What's with students lounging around in the coffee shops?

Last night, my wife and I were looking for some quiet time over a hot mug of tea.
First we went to Starbucks on Clair, where we couldn't find a place to sit. The whole place was full of young people using the place as if it was a frat lounge: overstaying the unspoken allotted time to sip a cup of coffee, using the free wifi to browse the internet, and spreading their study materials to do school work. Heck, some of them looked like they were in their pajamas.
Not finding a place to sit down, we went to William's Coffee on Stone. It is a bigger place and just as crowded as Starbucks and although we were able to find a seat, we couldn't stay for too long. The noise from the mostly young crowd was unbearable. Most of the students didn't even bother to pretend buying a cup of coffee! ( I feel bad using Tim's washroom without buying a doughnut!)
Here are some suggestions to drive non-paying "young" people away.  Cut out the wi-fi or at least charge for it. If this doesn't work, play some mediocre waltz or any other un-cool music.
I have to admit that when we went to Paris a few years ago, we only paid for a Coke, albeit an expensive one, just to be able to sit for awhile admiring the view.

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