Monday, October 17, 2011

Foodstock 2011: "Stop the Mega Quarry!"

Sarah Harmer backstage; one of many performing for the cause...
 people streaming in towards the eats in the woodlot  and the performers' stage on the open field...
 one of the local farmers...
one of the food stalls in the woods...
and what it's all about.
If you had an aerial view of  the intersection of Hwy 124 and Sideroad 25 in Melancthon, you would see ant-like processions of people from the roads, through the fields, and through the almost-totally leafless woodlots.  Notwithstanding the seasonally-low temperatures, the brisk highland winds (the area is the highest point in Ontario), and the wind-driven rain in the latter half of the Event, 30,000-plus brave souls attended Foodstock 2011
It was very well-organized, the "bring-your-boots-and-prepare-for-cold-and-rain" advise was well-advised, the Chefs provided an excellent sampling of what's available, the speeches by the area First Nations' Chiefs were truly inspirational, and the musicians were exceptional!
I am so glad I attended with two of my sons, and I am very happy for the families, muddy-strollers and sore backpackers all, who took part in a worthy cause. I'm very disappointed, upset even, at the lack of representation from visible minorities (I saw 2 people of colour, not counting the great turnout from the First Nations). I would also hope that church and religious communities participated in this Event (you can't leave it to our gods to do everything).
In a world where farmland is disappearing at a frightening pace, when our food is being shipped, trucked, and flown from all over the world, it amazes me when we allow one of the best farmlands in Canada, so close to Toronto, to be dug up by an entity which is responsible only to its shareholders, and not to the area.
Olympus E-330, 14-45, 40-150, a 7.5 megapixel dinosaur when it comes to digital. Oct 16th.

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