Saturday, April 7, 2012

WTF! an early morning observation: a disconnect

The bus stop where I stand at 6 am every morning is a strip plaza with two establishments open for business at that time of day: a Shell gas station advertising regular gas at $1.37 and a Tim Horton's with a drive-through.
On one side is a gas station with record-high gas prices, and on the other side is a line-up of over 20 vehicles at a time going through the drive-through window. It seems to me that early-morning starters prefer big oversized SUVs and trucks because that's what the vehicle line-up is made up of. In the meantime, there is no line-up inside the Tim's. It would make so much more sense for the drivers to park their cars, turn off the engine, and go inside Tim's to grab their caffeine fix. So much more sense on two levels: getting your coffee faster and saving money on idling gas.
Who says we're the thinking specie?
Makes me want to scream ...

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