Sunday, April 1, 2012

A special bike shop: Guelph's Backpeddling

Sometimes, one is lucky enough to come across a business establishment that offers really great value, in more ways than one. 
The selection of new bikes is varied and the prices are quite competitive. They also have the best selection of used bikes, from high-end to pedestrian, all affordably priced. There are vintage bikes, exotic bikes, recumbent bikes, etc; if you don't see it, Clayton the owner can order one for you.
There are biking accessories crammed in every nook and cranny of this huge shop. The bike mechanics are very helpful and knowledgeable and can talk to a customer at the customer's level of enthusiasm for the sport, from the competitive to the weekend biker. 
They have a generous trade-in program for kids' bikes as well as a good selection of mechanically sound beater bikes. This is a shop that WANTS you to get on two wheels; the bikes are priced to do so. 
Clayton and his crew are dedicated bikers who love the sport, and Guelph is very lucky to have Backpeddling in town.
(Oh, and did you know that their shop could easily qualify as a bike museum.... just check out the collector bikes that adorn the walls from floor to ceiling!)
March 31st.

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