Tuesday, September 25, 2012

David Chambon's ephemeral jewels... and taking care of our environment.

I'm an avid observer of all things ephemeral and transient. My own website, elementalview.com, is surtitled, "A celebration of the impermanent, the ephemeral, the transient". I also love sparkly things: Swarovski crystals, tiny translucent beads, and dewdrops. I am a crow in a previous incarnation. So imagine my delight when I came across the macro-photography work of David Chambon. Amongst his other photo subjects, David takes close-up/macro photos of dew-encrusted insects in the pastel colours of the early morning light. I imagine his window of opportunity is less than 30 minutes in the day, in the early spring and late fall, early winter. For those of us who appreciate this type of raw and delicate, unvarnished fragile beauty, for those of us who associate these images with the primal smells of damp and cool dawns and early mornings in fields and woodlands, David's images are works of art and a generous gift made available for viewing free-of-charge through Flickr and other sites who showcase his work. 
I think that in exchange for the joy of viewing his work, we endeavour, in our own unique way, to return the favour by being good stewards of our environment, in our own backyards.
BTW, everything is ephemeral.... our lives are ephemeral... it all depends on how we define a unit of time.

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