Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The power to create (and change) is in your hands

An excellent article on microloans!
Please contribute to Kiva with loans that change lives, $25 at a time. Make a world of difference in somebody's life. Skip that one coffee once in a while, save the empties' monies, or better still, ask that the guests to your child's birthday party donate cash in lieu of landfill-bound plastic junk! Did you know that the salary for an experienced senior carpenter in the Philippines is equivalent to the price of one(!!) tall-boy can of premium German beer? And did you know that with this money, he has to feed his family, buy medicine, school supplies, etc? And that this kind of payday is not guaranteed from day to day?
I for one, am donating the proceeds from a wedding video shoot towards Kiva (see the sidebar on this blog site, "My (Our) Sharings"). This is not a boast; rather, it is meant to inspire other folks to do likewise, either financially, or in kind.

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