Monday, March 4, 2013

a 50th Birthday Celebration

Robert is the well-respected and much loved eldest brother who took on the role of the father of a large family as a young teenager, helping to support his mother and his siblings. Over the years, Robert has taken on the role of a Godfather, "Ninong" in Filipino, to a large extended family, both in Canada and in the Philippines. He sacrificed his youth, as well as his own personal life for the betterment of his extended family. He has been married for the last 19 years but he continuous to provide financial support and moral guidance to all. He declares that "he wouldn't have it any other way". Robert is a typical Old World Filipino. The world could use more of his kind.
This surprise 50th Birthday Party is a celebration of his life, a testament to how much he is loved by all!
Please excuse the poor video quality. The original video is 1.5 hrs long and 4.5GB and this video vimeo has been severely compressed down to 400MB.

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