Sunday, March 17, 2013

Baker Street Art Gallery

Every Friday evening, when most people are going home to unwind after a week of work, and looking forward to weekend activities, Sue Potvin leaves her job in downtown Toronto.But she does not head home. Instead, every Friday evening since 2005, she gets on a bus and goes to Guelph. There she spends Saturday and Sunday afternoons running the Baker Street Art Gallery.
The Gallery is a safe space where everyone can come to paint, sculpt, draw, and enjoy some coffee, sandwiches and friendship. All the supplies are provided through donations. Sue has an incredible gift of encouraging artists to express themselves.
"It's hard to articulate the love and passion I have for this place," Sue says. "The people hare are family to me." A gifted artist herself, Sue has found that people who have difficulty sharing their feelings in words are able to do it through art. "People have the opportunity here to explore their creative side, to put their troubles, visions and dreams into all they create. I think that feeling love, acceptance and guidance enriches all of our lives".
Because of the warm, relaxed atmosphere the Gallery is a busy place! Everyone feels at home, regardless of their age or ability.
Drop by to browse or create your own work of art! Donations of cash, food, or art supplies are always needed. Sue can be reached by email at Sue also makes videos about the programs and artists at 40 Baker Streetwhich can be seen on YouTube at bakerstreetvids or by checking in at eitehr or

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