Tuesday, March 12, 2013

An essential place: 40 Baker Street

Each of us has the duty, as well as the privilege, to share what we are fortunate to have, be it resources, time, or talent, or all of the three. On the bus commute, my wife met Sue, the resident Gallery curator/administrator/alpha-mama-with-the-shoulder-to-cry-on/shepherdress, and my wife introduced me to Sue. Sue along with a few others, volunteer their weekends to managing the Art Gallery on 40 Baker Street.
I have a philanthropic bent, sadly not of the financial kind; however, my love of photography and, more recently, videography is something I can share and so I offered to do this and other videos for 40 Baker Street. Leandra came forward to share her feelings for and about the community at 40 Baker Street. So here's my first video, with more to come.
Click here for more on 40 Baker Street.

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