Thursday, February 27, 2014

the start of another wedding season

My wedding season will start this weekend and my thoughts go back to my very first wedding video shoot. As it was then and will be again this year, I'll be shooting solo, with 1-2 cameras throughout the day, depending on the current situation. My passion for photography, and for the last 2 years now, videography, comes from a desire to tell a story, a people story. I am very grateful for the families that have seen me fit to document their weddings.
The video  below was, and will remain to be, my first wedding video. That day is indelibly recorded in my mind: the sun, the birds, Catherine's ethereal beauty and Aaron's quiet confidence. Catherine's  visage naturally just called for the camera to linger on her.
My video gear was very minimal and with a couple like Catherine and Aaron, simple but "content-rich", that all that's needed.

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