Sunday, February 23, 2014

iPhone Diaries #671: Great Indian Food: fancy-restaurant taste at home-made prices

You know how it is. You go to a mid-range Indian restaurant, order the usual vegetarian offerings: Black Lentil Curry, Spinach and Paneer Cheese Curry, Basmati Rice, and some Naans. It's a long wait; after all, these dishes are supposed to be made from scratch. The entrees come out in elaborate metal dishes but the servings look… oh so small. And the price is not so small ($11.00 CDN). No doubt the meal is delicious but do they have to cost that much for such a small serving? Well, it could be the training and expertise and the fresh ingredients that go into them
A few days ago, at our local budget grocery store, in the ethnic food section, we came across this:
For $4.39 a package, it was worth a try. It took 15 minutes to prepare and the taste rivals that of any Indian restaurant I've been to. As is expected from any authentic Indian dish, the ingredients are basic and as natural as can be.
I believe that good, honest products need to be promoted and I found these products at No Frills and Loblaws/Zehrs. This is their Facebook page, and this is the Kitchens of India. Enjoy!.

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