Thursday, February 27, 2014

what really matters in a marriage, and in a family

When all is said and done, what matters in a marriage and in a family, what makes it thrive and endure, is the food. It's the planning of the meals, the preparation, and the communal effort that goes into each and every meal. It's the discussion at the meals (and of the meal itself), it's the remembrance of past meals, and it's the dreams of future meals. It's eating together for supper, not just whenever possible,  but making it possible. It's remembering the mini milestones in our lives with memories of meals.
Careful  consideration must be given to the ingredients that go into a meal. A holistic view must be taken, encompassing where the food comes from, and the different layers of food distribution. This is not a call for totally organic food but rather, a call for knowledge as to where the food that we put in our mouths come from. There is no bad food and good food; just good and bad choices.

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