Friday, June 6, 2014

A fine Friday morning to listen to Arkham Awaits

From a shooting-a-video perspective, the place sucked: too dark, with barely enough room to set up a tripod, and one too many tall guys in front of me.
From a music experience perspective, as Levin Maaskant (is that a cool name or what?) would say at the end of the set, "fuckin awesome"!

Arkham (from Batman) Awaits is a made-in-Guelph band that is described by Gain Music as:
"Arkham Awaits is one of the newest incarnations to come out of the Guelph metal scene. Formed in early 2011, this band has already caught the attention of many fans and fellow lovers of metal alike. Every show this 5-piece melodic hardcore band play is a learning experience and although they are new to the scene they are mature beyond their time. Reminiscent of a young Alexisonfire, with catchy riffs that hook you in mixed with a certain punk rock element that can't be ignored.
As soon as you meet the band you know they're in it for the long haul. With a handful of shows under their belt and an energy that is evident as soon as you meet them, these guys will throw heavy riffs and shout at you from the stage and kill you with kindness off. Definitely a band who will be contenders for "Nicest Dudes in Metal" over the next few years."
Kyle Bushert - Vocals, Paul Skinner - Guitar, Steve Brown - Drums, Levin Maaskant - Guitar, Vocals, Nic Brent Emeny - Bass Nick Wever - Guest Vocals

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