Sunday, June 1, 2014

iPhone Diaries #686: Misha: you will be missed.

 I am sleepless, hard to believe you are not on our bed tonight. Tonight you are wrapped in your favourite baby blue flannel blanket, the one that used to be Liam's. You are forever asleep tonight, free of your cataracts and the aches that came with growing old. You are now with Celtie and Utah, your energies running in the woods and through the tall wet grass. You were an eight pound heavyweight, an equal to the 70 lb+ Celtie and the 90lb+ Utah, leaving a huge impact on the lives of many. 
We mark the passing of time, and the life milestones of our growing family, with the dogs (and cats) that have come and gone. Rex and Leica were there when Ben came into the picture. Celtie was a puppy when Tomas was born, and you Misha, was there when Liam came into our lives.
And now you are gone... but you will never be forgotten, for as long as Ben, Tomas, and Liam are around. We know that Rhodie and Uber will be missing you.

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