Monday, January 5, 2015

In Gratitude

It's important that we take a long pause in our busy schedules to look back and reflect on the past year, on our achievements, large and small victories, and on the slip-ups that are just as essential to our continued development.
First and foremost, we have our good health and well-being, in large part due to Mom's excellent cooking and guidance on what's healthy (as well as our genetic endowment). We maintain our drive and enthusiasm in whatever we do, whether it's app development, painting, photography, knitting, law school, working with scientists and clinicians, coding and programming, cooking, biking, swimming, and video-gaming. We are thriving academically, in areas of expertise that dovetail nicely with our strengths and personal inclinations.
We are surrounded by a select group of long-time friends (and pets) who are generous, loyal and non-judgemental (especially the pets). We have girlfriends and a spouse who bring out the best in each of us (even though it's not always evident at the time). We live in a neighbourhood of good and honest people,  in a town that has an awesome spirit of giving and sharing.
We have been, and continue to be, showered with good fortune, and we are privileged to be able to share this good fortune with others.
Oftentimes, life is a struggle day by day. In this, we are no different from other families. But we manage, and we thrive. It is my hope that someday, we will look back on this, these future "good, old, days" with fondness, and happy memories.
We have a good life, and we are grateful for it. 

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