Monday, January 26, 2015

Sony Alpha Diaries Day 26: the Sony a65: not bad for a first generation SLT

At the Guelph Arboretum, under tall maples, birches, poplars, and cherries are areas that are flooded in the winter and spring. I came across two U of G students, Joey and Ben enjoying a game of hockey on an unseasonably warm early February day.
The credit for the music should be:
JS Bach, 23 French Suite No. 6, BWV 817, E major_ Sarabande

The Sony a65 was an ambitious camera: an SLT APS-C camera crammed with 24 megapixels. Lowlight was a struggle at ISO1600 but in good light, it had a years-ahead-of-its-time EVF and Live View display that was brilliant and true to life, PLUS, continuous autofocus using phase detect. This was a camera that even now, Nikon and Canon are hard-pressed to match.
So here's a video from 2013 shot with the Sony a65 on full auto.

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