Wednesday, May 27, 2015

An Article for all Seasons from The Guardian

on reexamining what we routinely do:
When we stop and really think about our daily routine and habits of consumption, we get to realize that some of it is shit, or some degree of shit. Coors Light, Bud, Tim's doughnuts and tim's original coffee (not the Dark Roast…. i like that one), all shit. Good old milk and "fresh Florida" orange juice? all shit, meaning bad for you. Hot dog? Epitome of shit. Voting Liberal? shit but not as bad shit as voting Conservative. 
We buy the next iPhone, because that's what we've always done… we buy Nikon/Canon, because that's what we have always done... we're just like sheep on the way to the slaughterhouse, as far as politicians and marketeers are concerned.
Lots more shit in our lives on closer examination. Yet we keep on doing shit because it's what we do: Do Shit.

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