Monday, May 11, 2015

Barbara Turnbull, 1965-2015

"In 2013 Turnbull authored an e-book, What I Know: Lessons from My 30 years of Quadriplegia, published by the Star. 
In its introduction, she wrote: “I can’t pinpoint the day — or even the year — when I accepted life as a quadriplegic. It likely happened incrementally over time. I only know that I have always lived as full a life as I can, tolerating what I have no choice about, fighting what I don’t have to accept, finding joy in many places and having no problem being grateful for gifts small and large.”
And near the end, she wrote, “It is possible to build a life that is satisfying and has happy moments, despite what comes at you. The majority of us who face adversity — not just paralysis — discover this.”

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