Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ben-evolent dogs in Guelph: an update

Check out the front page of today's Guelph Mercury, with a photo, no less. Stay tuned for more "thinking-out-of-the-box" and "on-the-fringe" initiatives from Ben. And yes, they are called "Dinosaur Dogs"... prescient, or what?
For now, while he's attending the University of Guelph and working part-time at Guelph General, Ben's dogs will be available for private events. Plans are on for resuming his dog business next summer, this time with the appropriate permits.
To elaborate on the Guelph Mercury's article on Ben's short-lived experience, he did end this adventure chapter with  net financial proceeds as well as a deeper insight into people. He was never told by the City of Guelph staff about the required variance to allow his set-up even after the numerous times he went to the City in the process of applying for permits. 

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  1. Great photo and story but now I am curious about the story associated with the red headline above the paper's flag:

    "Local clubs embrace legalized mixed...."