Thursday, August 12, 2010

The future of photojournalistic/reportage wedding photography: STILLS and VIDEO shot by the same photographer.

No, the current crop of DSLRs with video capability such as the Canon 5DMarkII and the Nikon D3s aren't ready for prime time. IMHO, they're missing 5 key ingredients for run-and-gun events such as weddings: quick auto-focus, decent audio controls, decent manual exposure controls, a different form-factor (an articulating LCD will suffice, for now), and fifthly, motion-JPG capture for easier editing and better frame-grabs. Shallow depth-of-field is all well and good but out-of-focus is not cool. There's hardly any set-up time for weddings, let alone retakes. Heck, most times, HD (high definition) is not even requested; SD (standard definition) will suffice. The majority of videographers all use pro SD cameras (with largish 1/2.5" sensors) from Sony, Panasonic, and Canon.

But yes, the future belongs to candid photographers who can rewire their brains to be able to think and shoot STILLS and VIDEO, sequentially or simultaneously. After all, isn't reportage photography just another way of saying discreet movies without sound and movement? Furthermore, post-shoot editing expertise will be much in demand. In any case, editing expertise is a necessity for pre-visualizing shoots.

I'm in the market for a well-priced camcorder with a 1/2.5" sensor. The Canon Vixia offerings fit the bill but they're still out of my price range. I will have the opportunity to shoot STILLS and VIDEO on two upcoming shoots: Sept 1st and Sept 5th. I plan on using an 8-year-old Sony miniDV for these shoots, unless I come across another camera I can afford.

More updates to come.

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