Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Church of our Lady Immaculate - a Tourism Guelph Project

I'm in the midst of shooting a series of images, in and around Guelph, that I hope will be decent enough to be accepted by Tourism Guelph as part of their stock collection. Below are two interpretations of the Church of Our Lady Immaculate as seen from Norfolk Street. 
The upper (normal) image was a pain to achieve...the dynamic range was extremely wide. To the naked eye, the sky was pitch-black, the church was invisible save for the lit doorway, the lamppost lights were paper-base white, and of course, the colour temperature of the different light sources were all over the place. The statue of Our Lady was lit by the lights on Norfolk as well as from the business establishments across the street. Overcoming the limitations of technology in order to represent what the mind sees is the ultimate aim of any photographer worth his f-stop!
The lower image was more fun to play around with...sort of the Church of our Lady on LSD.
early August, 2010


  1. I'd say that top shot turned out very nicely indeed. I hate to think how much fiddling and post-production you had to do to get all the elements visible and coherent. Nicely done.

  2. 5 bracketed exposures to accomodate the range of the subject, some radical skewing to correct perspectives (Sigma 12 mm on full-frame).