Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Two camera coverage of a stage performance.

Still playing around, testing, and fine-tuning the art of shooting video of a stage performance. Perfect audio capture is the key to a great video but considerations have to be given to the unpredictability of stage lighting, and audience/ambient noise. One is also at the mercy of the House/Stage staff. The volunteer staff at the Rose Auditorium in Brampton are amazing to work with.

A very rough first edit. 

Two cameras:
Sony CX900, with Beachtek pre amp, audio feed via XLR directly from the house system. XAVC codec, 24fps, 1/50sec, wide-open (from 2.8-4, whole zoom range was used). 0-to-9 db gain.
Sony A7II with a Minolta 70-200f4 (Beercan). Lens is not the sharpest but I forgot to bring my sharp Tamron 70-200f4. XAVC codec, 24fps, 1/48sec f4 (whole zoom range was used), manually focused. A RodePro mic was used on this A7II for synching but the audio was surprisingly good.
A Zoom H4n was used to take in the audience applause.
She was the first performer and I wasn't sure what the positioning on stage would be but I settled in by the third performer.
You'd never guess that I was positioned in the very back of the theatre, at least 30 rows back (but elevated, thank goodness).

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