Thursday, April 9, 2015

I tried but Blackberry isn't helping itself.

I tried, I really tried. I wanted to like my Blackberry, wanted it to work out. I wanted to be different from my peers in the imaging industry, with their iPhones and Samsungs. I loathed Apple's arrogance (and high prices), and I dislike the plasticky mass consumer appeal of the Androids (from 3 years ago). There was also a hint of patriotism involved… buying local and buying Canadian (Waterloo, On, where Blackberry first started, is only 30 minutes away).
For the same reason I switched to Sony, I also wanted to be be different from the herd mentality of the Canon/Nikon pack. I don't know anyone up to 2 degrees of separation that uses the Sony A- and E-mounts professionally. The quality of my visual output has improved… I am busier more than ever. Sometimes, it's not all about the photographer… equipment matters too. But back to the Blackberry.

Primarily, my dissatisfaction with the Blackberry is in the lack of apps. I cannot get wifi connectivity with my Sony a7II, a must when clients crave instant gratification. Basic photo manipulation apps are sorely lacking, and I can't even load Instagram on my Blackberry Z10. Same goes for Google Chrome.
So I am looking for an inexpensive Android unit. 
Sorry Blackberry. I really wanted it to work out.

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