Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Inside the backpack of the minimalist wedding videographer

I think I figured out  the video set-up I need to do a 2-cam, solo shooter wedding, or any other run-and-gun video situation.
A-cam: Sony RX10 with XAVC codec and 24-200f2.8 lens, sharper than any DSLR because it doesn't line skip but uses the whole frame.
B-cam: Sony CX900 with XAVC codec
both cameras have the same sensor, same colour, same WB, same insides so colour matching will be a nightmare of the past.
Everything fits in 1 medium size backpack along with audio equipment.
Add two small tripods and a monopod in a sling bag and I am good to go.

I will also be using the A7II with 3 primes (35f1.4, 24f1.8, 50f1.7) still using the XAVC codec and excellent IS, for the dark shots like first dances, etc.  Fits in a really small bag.

Bob Krist (more on him in a later post) is an inspiration, not only for his technique but also for his youthful vigor and refusal to let age deny him what is a "youthful pursuit".
Photos to come soon.

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