Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mixing up names

A friend of ours, let's call him Michael Smith, had a difficult time obtaining some sort of police permit because more than 1 person with a similar name had criminal records.
So what do David Roberts, Ivan Ivanov, Jamie Macdonald, Pierre Tremblay, Tony Romano, and David Lee have in common? 
They're very common names in certain areas. "David Lee" gets a triple whammy:  common in English, Korean, and Chinese jurisdictions.
I move that we start mixing up names of different ethnic origins. There's no getting around one's surname but parents should use first (and middle) names that are in contrast to the last names.
Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, comes to mind. Let's have Kobe Smith, James Ivanov, Pierre Romano, Constantine Macdonald, Alfonso Lee, etc.
A unique person (each one of us) should also have a unique name not shared with other people.
Sorry but Diogenes (Greek) Baena (Spanish) is taken.

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