Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Death (or Demise) by a thousand cuts!

Well, maybe not a thousand. How about eight... and counting.
What do the following have in common with each other: Jason Kenney, Bev Oda, Elections Canada, "harper government" (as opposed to "Federal Government"), Statistics Canada, Canadian Veterans, F-35 fighter jets, and G20?
These are the ethical potholes that are undermining the chassis of the souped-up clunker that is the Conservative Party of Canada.
Almost two weeks ahead of the 2011 Budget announcement, the Liberals will "put forward a motion that could make it morally impossible for any opposition party to support the March 22 Conservative budget". This political maneuver on the flanks of the Conservative Party will effectively divert attention from the "it's the economy, stupid" strategy of Harper & Co. What Canadian with  a modicum sense of decency and fairness will deny the ethical malpractice involved here?

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  1. it's actually not the economy, its the Eco-nomy. word.