Sunday, March 27, 2011

iPhone Diaries #340: "Honey Brioche"

1.5 tsp_dry yeast
1 cup_milk
1.5 cups_organic all-purpose white flour
0.25 cup_honey (preferably wildflower)
3_large eggs
3_large egg yolks
2.5 cups_organic all-purpose flour
1.25 tsp_fine sea salt
8 tbsp_unsalted butter

Total preparation and baking time, including the poolish: 7.5 hours. Well worth the time! Has the texture of Easter bread or paska, only more creamy and gooey. No artificial ingredients. It is best to make a batch (or 3) of another kind of bread, to make full use of the time. Makes two 8x4-inch loaves. March 26th.

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