Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SIMP Alert #3: "Europe and Libyans... Jesus would have approved"

Moronic and, alas, Pathetic.
The last time I checked on GoogleMaps, Libya is across the Mediterranean Sea from the shores of southern Europe, two hours away. How much effort does it take for France, Italy and Great Britain (three countries who don't hesitate to conjour up faded colonial memories to establish connections with empire when resources are involved, i.e., oil, cocoa, diamonds) to load up some cargo aircraft with baguettes, olive oil, pasta, and steak-and-kidney pies, on a daily basis, to help out the refugees streaming into Tunisia and Egypt? Libya is not some faraway Oriental country. Libya has sent 80% of its oil production to Europe for at least the last 3 decades... European oil consumers owe the Libyan people a helping hand or two (never  mind that we have known for years that the bulk of that oil money hasn't trickled down to the Libyan people...  oh yeah, I forget that it's none of our business).
Forget about meetings in Geneva and Brussels (I can imagine the catering bill for the breakfast tray... I've shot functions with Belgian and other Euro-functionary-types and the food is NICE). Why not  just load up planes with goods where the best-before dates are past due (if money is an issue). Give the guys in Tunisia and Egypt a call asking for permission to land on a desert strip and I'm sure the answer will be a resounding YES! 
Forget about the optics with sovereignty issues... believe it or not, regular people aren't stupid. We recognize genuine help, no strings attached, when we see one.
And oh, where's the Vatican in all of this. A day's dry-cleaning bill on all those robes should pay for a planeload of goods. 
Jesus would have approved.
It would also be a perfect time for the Israeli people (as opposed to the Israeli government) to show their sympathies for their fellow Semites (some Israeli groups are probably already helping out). Show that they can lend a helping hand faster and better than the Saudis (and other Arab brethrens). 
Good Karma, y'all.

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